Four Winds of Senayan Construction update September 2015

This is the latest update and information details about Four Winds of Senayan as of September 17th, 2015 with details follows :

Finishing Work :

  • Walls already finish.
  • Ceiling work is still ongoing on 13,14th and 15th floor.
  • Marble work is still ongoing on 13,14th and 15th floor.
  • ME occupation is still ongoing on 15th floor.
  • Finishing facade aluminum composite panel and curtain wall all area.
  • Lift work is still ongoing.
  • Swimming pool work is still ongoing.
  • Fence external area is still ongoing.
  • Roads area and parks work is still ongoing.
  • Deepwells work is still ongoing.
  • Installation genset.
  • Installation kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and vanity.
  • Installation AC.
  • Installation sanitary bath rooms.

If you have any questions in relation to your apartment purchase at Four Winds of Senayan, please feel free to contact us at +62 21 9197 0077 and +62 21 9197 0088 or email us at

Alternatively feel free to contact us directly on the details below : PT. Tri Tirta Permata
The Belleza Shopping Arcade, 1st Floor # 08
Jl. Letjen Soepeno No. 34 Arteri Permata Hijau
Jakarta Selatan 12220
T. +62 21 2991 6020
F. +62 21 2991 6021

Sincerely yours,

Derijanto Gani
Project Director

Actual Layout Final

A. Meadow Breeze

B. Mountain Breeze

C. Sea Breeze 1

D. Sea Breeze 2

E. Sea Breeze 3

F. Fresh Breeze

G. Spring Breeze

G1. Summer Breeze

G2. River Breeze

H. Sea Breeze 4

I. Sea Breeze 5

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